SRH Week 2019 is Around the Corner!

Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week (SRH Week) 2019 is just around the corner! This year, it will take place from February 11-15 with the theme: Sexual health at all ages.

Sexuality and sexual health are integral to wellbeing throughout our lives. Everyone, no matter the age, is entitled to affirming health care, and that includes sexual health.

This year’s campaign will address sexual health at different stages of life, from children and sex-positive parenting all the way to aging and sexuality.

We deserve to be treated as the complex individuals that we are. This means recognizing that from beginning to end, we are sexual beings in need of accurate information about our sexual health.

In addition to the posters designed by Le Burrow, SRH Week 2019 will feature a series of blogposts written by community-based organizations, helpful information on sexual health throughout different phases of life, podcasts, a webinar, and more! We’ll be on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too! Find us @actioncanadashr or download our social media kit at (available early 2019).

The new campaign and material will be available on as of February 11.

Can’t wait until then? The site and all our exciting tools from past campaigns are available year-round with reliable, easy to access, up-to-date and comprehensive bilingual information on sexual and reproductive health. Visit to see for yourself!

Of course, any campaign needs strong voices to really make a difference. Help promote sexual and reproductive health this SRH Week by displaying the posters, following @actioncanadaSHR on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, visiting and helping to spread the word!

Want more posters? No problem! If you would like to order more copies of the poster, visit and fill out the poster order form. We’ll be happy to send you more at no charge.

Thanks for your support in recognizing the importance of sexual health at all ages!

Big or small, old or new, your sexual health matters!