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I have always been a bit of a worrier but since I got pregnant (I am in my first trimester), I feel anxiety ridden and depressed. Something happened this past week and I am not sure if I am right to be worried or not but in any case, I can’t stop thinking about it and feel sick to my stomach. I had a cold sore and one morning, after I touched it, I went to the bathroom and touched the toilet paper which I used after. Do you think I could have given myself genital herpes?

co-written by Ankit Dhawan and Ashley Bell It is entirely reasonable to feel worried and anxious about your health, as deviations from a “normal pregnancy” can be frightening. The fact that you’re already concerned for the welfare of your developing baby suggests that you’re on your way to becoming a great mother. Pregnancy itself is full […]

I recently met this great guy and we really hit it off. He says he’s in an open relationship. I’ve always been monogamous and feel completely clueless about this. Help!

co-written by Sadie Villeneuve First things first, the terms open relationship and consensual non-monogamy (CNM) are often used interchangeably[i], as an umbrella term for various models of relationship.  These relationships like monogamy come with pros and cons, jealousy, the need for safe sex practices and cheating. When finding out that this guy you hit it off […]

I live with a disability. It’s never stopped me from living my life to the fullest – and I have no complaints when it comes to my sex life. I recently started seeing this great girl and we’re totally into each other but when it comes to sex, she gets really nervous about hurting me or doing something wrong. I know my body and tell her constantly that she’s doing fine and what I need from her. What can I do?

co-written by Shaw Chard Let’s discuss why being sexual with a person with a disability may be novel to your partner and how you both can use this information to grow and learn together. Time for some background knowledge. Few of us are raised with adequate sexual education, and an oft-excluded factor which contributes to a […]

My 17-year-old friend has just told me she is pregnant and has come to me for advice. Her family is very religious and would shun her if they found out, so she has not told anyone but me (not even the boy who impregnated her). She is scared and does not know what to do. What can I say/do to help the situation?

co-authored by Ryan Croxall Situations involving unintended pregnancies can be very scary and stressful. In your situation, the first thing you should do is confirm that your friend is actually pregnant. To do this, your friend should immediately seek a health clinic where a urine or blood test can be taken.[1] If confirmed, you should […]

For the past six months, my partner has had trouble maintaining an erection. Although we’re both in our late 20s, is it possible that he might have erectile dysfunction? What can I do to help us work through this problem?

co-authored by Lianna Hrycyk Despite what the media might lead you to believe, erection problems are not exclusive to older men. On the contrary, around 7% of American men under the age of 30 report erectile difficulties. Hearing you say, “What can I do to help us work through this problem” is a good sign. Psychologists […]

I have a 12 year old boy who has recently started to masturbate. We have a good relationship, but we haven’t yet talked about sex or sexuality. I want to make sure that he knows he can always talk to his parents about this and think it’s time to talk about safer sex with him. How can I talk to him about sex without embarrassing him or making him feel ashamed about his body and sex?

co-authored by Ashish Darji Masturbation in adolescence is a natural exploration of one’s sexuality. It is common to see young adolescents start exploring masturbation around the age of 12 in Western society (and even earlier in other cultures). It seems that you are aware that your child must feel comfortable enough with his parents to talk […]

My roommate is in an abusive relationship. I’ve only known her for a few months and we generally keep to ourselves. Is there anything I can do?

co-authored by Stephanie Gagnon  It is very common, even understandable, that after realizing the complex situation your roommate faces you would wonder why she doesn’t just leave, and unfortunately, although the solution seems simple, it is not. There are ways in which you can give her help without unknowingly belittling or pressuring her, but first, let’s […]

My partner and I are considering experimenting with BDSM. Neither of us have ever done it before. Where do we start?

co-authored by Anthony Mbarak and Sarah Bethune It can be difficult to create a BDSM scene for the first time; however, when practiced carefully, BDSM can increase intimacy within a committed relationship.[1] BDSM covers a wide range of different erotic activities.[2] When you “play” you are engaging in one or more of the following erotic […]

I’ve just recently discovered that my girlfriend has been faking orgasms during sex. We’ve been having sex for about 6 months, and I thought it’s been great. What should I do to make sure that the sex is good for both of us?

co-authored by Renee Komel Thanks for your question. In this response, you will find information on how often pretending to orgasm during sex generally occurs, the reasons why some women do it, and ways to help facilitate conversation between you and your partner. The following answer will focus on penile-vaginal sexual intercourse (PVI), since this […]